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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the program located?

We are located at the brand new Barn at Hopeland at 641 Hortontown Road in Hopewell Junction, NY 12533. 

What is your behavioral policy?

We have a zero tolerance policy.  This includes name calling, foul language, teasing, bullying, any kind of physical interaction without permission and/or inappropriate touching. This includes staff as well as other campers. We keep an environment that is safe for all students. Our number one concern and priority is that your child leaves with a positive experience and feeling confident regardless of their interest level in theatre.

How should a student show up to class/camp?

Dressed and ready just like they would be for school. If a skirt/dress is worn, shorts must be worn underneath. No crop shirts, no short-shorts. They will be encouraged to be physically demanding onstage, so think gym clothing or play clothes. We want them to be comfortable and focus on their craft. Please no flip flops or sandals.

What should a student bring ?

 Water bottles, lunch, snacks, pencil, notebook. For summer programming pack sunblock, hat and/or sunglasses for any outdoor time.  

Why are the programs separated by age?

There are several reasons. The content our teen programs deal with dig deep in emotions and mature themes. We believe kids work best when surrounded by their peers. They understand each other better and help support one another. While it always seems 'cooler' to be in the older/oldest group, (believe us, we've all been there) the skills needed to be resilient enough at that level to be critiqed and pushed are built in younger levels. (And if you ask a high school kid, they don't want to be working with an 11-year-old and ask the 11-year-old, they don't want to be scene partners with a 5-year-old.)

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