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Our Programs

Musical Theater 

Our week-long musical theatre camp teaches your child the entire process of putting on a musical by actually producing a musical in one week. It is fast-paced as every child is given a chance to shine and stretch their musical abilities. Reading music, harmony, melody, choreography and blocking, as well as backstage work such as sets, props, and costumes are all part of this program.



At Acting camp, your child will learn every aspect of the theatre world. The children participate in every aspect of the show during the course of the week with the creation of costumes, sets, and props along with learning about storytelling, script reading, character development, pantomime, improvisation and more. Confidence building and public speaking skills are learned through theatre games focusing on eye contact and projection.


Improv and Sketch Comedy 

Does your child want to sharpen their wit and ability to think on their feet? During our week-long session, your camper will learn the techniques and rules necessary to put on short and long term improvisational scenes and shows. This helps develop the understanding of sharing a stage with other actors and learning to let go of control of a story.

Teen Night Acting 

As most teens would rather sleep all day and seem to come out of their shells at night, this seems a fitting time to tap into their creative juices with their peers. The themes of the shows are designed specifically to deal with teen situations so they are playing their own age group and with conflicts well-known to teens. 

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